Worried About Bedbugs? Let's Find Out.

Not sure if it's a mosquito bite or a bedbug bite? Concerned about those marks on your mattress? Simply take a photo, upload it, and let our AI guide you through the signs of infestation. Fast and easy, begin your journey to a bug-free environment now.

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Infestation risk: Likely

The image shows a pattern of bites that resemble the typical "breakfast, lunch, dinner" line or zigzag pattern that bed bug bites might follow. Bed bug bites are often grouped in lines or clusters and appear as raised, red welts. These bites can be itchy and may appear more inflamed in some individuals than others. However, without further evidence such as sightings of bed bugs, their eggs, or fecal spots, an absolute confirmation cannot be made solely on the bites, as other insects like fleas or mosquitoes can also cause similar reactions.